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Administrators now a days face the challenge of on-boarding new customers quickly and cheaply on one hand, and of scalability, hiring and retaining trained resources on the other, resulting in escalating servicing cost per participant. Optimum Global Services can help businesses identify  vital activities that can be effectively outsourced – including claims handling, agency management, customer relationship management (CRM), and policy servicing – which can in turn help firms concentrate on increasing market share and staying competitive.

 As record-keepers continue to customize their services for employers and progress towards total benefits outsourcing, they will likely be challenged by increasing costs, complexity, and growing technology requirements to manage benefits administration efficiently.

Optimum Global Services Benefits Administration offers an unmatched mix of domain, process and technology expertise to significantly impact the cost per participant for benefits administrators. We have a strong team of plan administrators, implementation specialists, and pension actuaries. Our team is proficient in dealing with various legal, technical, and regulatory compliance procedures across the benefits administration.

What Optimum Global Services Serves

Optimum Global Services, helps insurance companies maximize productivity by automating back-office processes throughout the complete lifecycle of a policy, resulting in less paperwork, greater accuracy, and huge time savings. Our BPO has developed capabilities to handle all key insurance functions, which include product definition, policy servicing, claims handling, and agency management.