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Optimum Global Services Business Solutions bring the right combination of insight and capabilities to ensure that customers reach their objectives properly. This discipline focuses on delivering Process Value Stream Improvement, with the objective of an end-to-end process integration approach.

What Optimum Global Services Provides ???

Optimize IT

Optimum Global Services consulting expertise combined with its IT capabilities helps enterprises transform IT into a lean and high performing organization. Our work design provides a systematic examination of the entire IT organization to reveal cost reduction opportunities, and improve utilization and services:

  • Process Improvements
  • Systems Rationalization
  • Demand Optimization
  • Workforce Harmonization
  • Sourcing Optimization


Optimum Global Services E-Channel solution addresses end-to-end data and process integration needs, which helps companies define and introduce innovative business models to transform how they operate.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Enterprises can be convinced of the benefits of SOA but unsure on how to progressively move towards a Service Oriented Enterprise. To reap the full benefits of SOA, enterprises need to define the following:

  • SOA application areas within an enterprise
  • How to enable applications and build a process-aligned business enterprise
  • The right time for a particular SOA project

Optimum Global Services helps companies transform to a Service Oriented Enterprise through our offerings in the strategy, implementation, measurement and governance phases of an SOA program:

  • Strategy:  SOA Architecture Planning, Service Discovery
  • Implementation: Service Definition & Cataloging, Service Mosaic Creation, SOA Platform Realization
  • Measurement: Risk Management, Value Management, Enterprise SOA Assessment
  • Governance: Structure and process definition

Utility Computing

Enterprises are increasingly trying to move away from dedicated servers to a virtual world of shared capacity. Optimum Global Services help them validate their Utility Computing model to enable seamless alignment of IT with business objectives and build a sustainable cost-optimized  organization.