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A vital part of the emergency management or business continuity planning process involves preparing to operate an emergency command center.  Good response and recovery management requires a robust approach to information management.  Command Centers, supported by sound information management systems, hold the key to successfully managing potential problems associated with any disaster.

Organizations gradually find running the complexities of their growing systems and networks time and resource exhaustive. High cost of operations coupled with lack of skilled personnel present a challenge to monitor and manage the complex and dynamic IT infrastructure environment. The need to flawlessly manage diverse sets of technologies and a single view console to monitor performance of the systems is also significant for your enterprise.

Internet Services from major providers these days is painful at best. Simply trying to understand the bills can be a task. Much less trying to get someone on the phone to simple add an email account or change a DNS record.

Optimum Global Services’s Command Center strives to provide these services as fast and properly as possible. You won't get lost in a maze of automated phone messages, arrogant technicians or days of "sorry, your order got lost in the system". We view your business as our business because at the end of the day, we work for you.