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With ever-increasing data center size and complexity, data center managers and IT professionals require remote management solutions that facilitate them to rapidly and effectively access servers, networking devices, and other mission-critical equipment. Guarantee smooth business and IT operations at the heart of your organization. Challenges faced by the clients include inefficient, unproductive data center services that can cost millions per hour and long-term consequences of poorly managed data centers

  The Benefits of Data Center Management

  • Manage and troubleshoot servers, serial devices, storage, and other equipment locally or remotely, through a single administrative interface
  • Reduce system and network downtime by enabling immediate access to failed resources - Centralize data center control and provide efficient management and maintenance processes, using fewer IT resources
  • Enhance system security by leveraging existing authentication schema such as LDAP, Active Directory, RADIUS, TACACS+, etc.
  • Provide visibility to daily operations and occurrences through comprehensive audit logging and reporting tools
  • Improve physical site security by allowing IT staff to work remotely without access to the data center