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Database Administration has revolutionized the way business is taken care of in toady’s competitive environment. Remote rendering of Database Administration Development give companies the security of 24/7 on call experts for any database issues. It gives you access to a team with a variety of experts, who have vast experience in the industry and provide the best services to our clients. Database Administrative services results in improved system performance, in-depth and critical analyses of database being analyzed, enabling reduction of cost and higher ROI for our clients.

Optimum Global Services

Database Administration provides 24/7 monitoring and maintenance tailored to your specific needs. Some of the benefits of Database Outsourcing are highlighted below:

Cost Reduction: Our Database Administration Development experts work at fraction of the cost of hiring full time equivalents with comparable experience at your business premises. This enables you to put your resources into more core capabilities that will in-turn increase your business many folds.

Team of Experts: With our Remote Database Administration Development experts you have access to the best in the field that can focus to your specific needs. These experts can do multiple jobs such as backup/ recovery of data, tuning/ implementing new database features and most importantly these experts have the capability to identify the problem and find solutions to them before they occur in your business.

24/7-support system: As business have become highly competitive, it has become important to have someone overlooking and watching your database at any single point of time. Our Database Administration Development experts provide around the clock coverage monitoring for a variety of potential troubleshoots and respond immediately to the same. Thus, even when you are sleeping it our responsibility that your business is taken care off.

Our certified engineers can also help maintain, manage, upgrade or migrate your critical business applications like Active Directory, Exchange Server, Share point Server, Small Business Server (SBS), DHCP and DNS, File Server, Anti-Virus Server, WSUS Server, Backup Execution and Management, Database Management, and Linux Server Management.

Database administration is vital for effective operations of any organization. A distributed and extendable database management architecture boosts overall organizational efficiency by streamlining any number of cross-disciplinary processes rather than a single, vertical process. Enterprise-wide database management is also inherently the first step toward any Knowledge Management initiative. Organizations today need a collaborated software environment that provides a "virtual building" where teams can communicate, collaborate and share information, regardless of their geographic location.

We help automate manual and repetitive tasks with database administration tools for managing instances, storage, database security, scripts and allow organizations to focus on monitoring performance and correcting databases. Our services help our customers increase productivity and efficiency by transforming data into actionable information.

We provide available, reliable information to organizations, to improve the effectiveness of the business. Our refined approach helps organizations in managing their data protects, retaining data and maintaining their objective.

Today, more than ever, organizations must ensure that their data is stored in a manner that would be secure and would enable it to be responsive round the clock. Moreover, with the emergence of new technologies, the need to extend the use of the current database is very important. 

Database solutions from Optimum Global Services; provide the core quality and integrity that all organizations require. These come with built-in flexibility, security, ease of access and could be integrated with new eBusiness and web services initiatives.

we has been providing quality DBA services to several organizations across a broad spectrum of industry including telecom, manufacturing and finance.

Databases handled by us include Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MS SQL Server, My SQL, DB2, FoxPro, MS-Access on Unix and Windows platforms.