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Analytic Applications - Security Planning and Audits

Crime analysis

  • Analytical pattern identification
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • GIS integration
  • Multiple feeds for information correlation
  • Data entry points for consolidation of events
  • Automated incident data management system with event correlation
  • Coincidence or inter relation detection checks inside database to detect PATTERNS to link multiple crimes
  • Report preparation and case sheets built into the application

Cafe Cop

Server Client based Centralized Cyber Café Monitoring System Central Monitoring the following in all cafes

  • Email addresses (customizable)
  • Suspected Key words (customizable) in files, emails, internet surfing
  • Malicious activities
  • File upload download activities
  • Document creation
  • Draft email creation
  • Chat conversation
  • VOIP conversations
  • Video camera calls
  • ser photographs (if camera is available)

Smart Cam

  • Centralized motion detection
  • Centralized trip wire system with infra red camera to click images
  • Centralized object drop - and physical intrusion monitoring sensors
  • Information management and analytics for identification of intrusion attempt patterns

Web Analyze

  • Log and traffic analysis for volumes greater than 50 gigabytes per day
  • Information analysis with keywords, pass phrases and pattern detection
  • Identity and relationship building from the information collected
  • Cross database correlation for report creation on IP - individual activity mapping