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Optimum Global Services End-User Computing Solutions convey high performance through a more dependable, cheap and more protected end-user computing environment.

For many businesses and governments, the end-user computing environment has evolved in an unplanned fashion. Many organizations need to revive and simplify their environments to bring down the cost of management, improve accessibility and reduce time to market for new capabilities. For these organizations, slowly and one-off initiative cannot produce enough business value; they need a more transformational approach to their end-user computing environments.

Optimum Global Services has End User Computing Services that creates Business Value for our customers, a great modified service experience for end users and build a work society of novelty & teamwork to harness the potential of our employees and partners.

Optimum Global Services works closely with organizations to fill those gaps in experience, and to offer the methods, tools and strategy to achieve high performance through a transformed end-user computing environment: all at lower cost, and with greater business payback.

We work with our customers to provide:

  • Innovation that helps in adopting new technologies for improved end user productivity, through our global eco-system, thereby creating competitive differentiation for our customers
  • Predictable services - anytime, anywhere, any device
  • New industry benchmarks aligned to business outcome

We provide a single-point solution for total management of the computing environment, spanning desktop/laptop support, complemented by a dedicated Service Desk. Our End-User Support Services are designed to cover the full life cycle.