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Optimum Global Services, IT help Desk handles incidents and service requests, with its world class infrastructure support, as well as provides an interface to users for the entire range of service management activities. As well as delivering your service more effectively, we facilitate transformation through evolving infrastructure to meet business and technology requirements.

 Service offerings range from automating existing IT service desks to implementing new ones, consolidating IT service desks to incorporating web-enabled support. Optimum Global Services has a large pool of ITIL certified consultants and works on global infrastructure and processes, with capability to migrate and operate on large scale IT support and call centers. With consistent investments and growth initiatives coupled with deployment expertise in ITIL and other global quality initiatives, Optimum Global Services is a pioneer in setting industry standards for delivery and enhancing customer experience.

Our services deliver the following business benefits:

  • Optimized performance and improved productivity 
  • Continuity, availability, security, resilience, disaster recovery a comprehensive solution across all platforms and operating systems 
  • Cost reductions from consolidation, economies of scale and blended sourcing
  • Best-of-breed customer service with global support, 24/7 if required 

Our focus is the reduction of total cost of ownership with synchronized improvement of service quality. We invest in flexible architectures and best practice processes, following the ITIL framework.  Reliable service is certain, together with high availability and resilience. Fully automated life cycle management heads off possible problems and any issues are quickly identified by performance monitoring and resolved by out-of-hours support staff.