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Optimum Global Services, with its vast talent pool, highly experienced and skilled resources, is uniquely positioned to offer professional services to the customers. Optimum Global Services Managed Security Services are the ideal solution to protect your organization's key information assets. Whether your business is a Fortune 500 enterprise or an Internet-based start-up company, we can help lower the internal costs associated with information security management, monitoring and support for any type of organization. These services are designed to help you enhance your information security posture, lower your total cost of ownership and demonstrate compliance by partnering with Optimum Global Services for the monitoring and management of your security operations, regardless of device type or vendor on a 24/7/365 basis or as needed.

The increasing competitiveness of the MSSP industry, shortage of skilled security analysts and high operational costs have limited the scaling and service expansion plans of most MSSPs. Managed Security Solutions provides customers with the industry's most complete, single-source enterprise security solution. Our rich heritage in Managed Security has earned us the trust of customers. Our foundation in real-time internal network and host-level protection is augmented by managed internal and external network protection services, including:

  • Managed Security Monitoring
  • Device Management
  • Managed Vulnerability Scanning
  • Managed Log Retention
  • Ethical Hacking