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Optimum Global Services services that meets the reconciliation and investigation needs of  large corporate and niche financial services organizations, improves the reconciliation performance, and leads to a reduction in TCO

Challenges faced by the clients

  • Managing a large workforce with significant overheads to process transactions at the desired service level, in an environment of reducing IT budget.
  • Transaction Volumes are escalating exponentially
  • Financial instruments are getting increasingly complex

What Optimum Global Services Serves

Optimum Global Services’s reconciliation service delivers a scalable, industry leading ‘centre of excellence’ for the matching, investigation and reconciliation of core and client-specific financial transactions.

The service is based on a shared-service provisioning on our partner’s market leading reconciliations software platform, and draws on Optimum Global Services expertise in Business Process and IT Service Management outsourcing. 

  • Future-proofs reconciliations utility without any up-front investment
  • Enables our customers to take on and process new and complex instruments more quickly, with the associated increase in time to benefit
  • Improves risk reporting throughout the reconciliations lifecycle of a transaction.
  • Reduces total cost of ownership for reconciliations.
  • Provides a flexible and scalable solution that meets the current and future processing requirements of their reconciliations operation
  • Achieves dramatic reduction in the level of manual intervention required to process transactions