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Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) provides effective end-to-end management and support of IT assets regardless of their location by pro-active and predictive monitoring. 90 to 95 per cent of infrastructure issues can be resolved remotely.

Our ITIL-aligned service management tool set enables us to deliver remote infrastructure management services while servers/infrastructure are located at customer premises or at any of our own datacenters, reducing the service cost and enhancing service performance. As well as delivering your service more effectively, we facilitate transformation through evolving infrastructure to meet business and technology requirements.

Our services deliver the following business benefits:

  • a comprehensive solution across all platforms and operating systems 
  • cost reductions from consolidation, economies of scale and blended sourcing
  • best-of-breed customer service with global support, 24/7 if required 
  • optimized performance and improved productivity 
  • Continuity, availability, security, resilience, disaster recovery.

Our focus is the reduction of total cost of ownership with simultaneous improvement of service quality. We invest in flexible architectures and best practice processes, following the ITIL framework.  Consistent service is guaranteed, together with high availability and resilience. Fully automated life cycle management heads off potential problems and any issues are quickly identified by performance monitoring and resolved by out-of-hours support staff.

To discuss how Optimum Global Services Pvt Ltd,  infrastructure management services can benefit your business today, and to discuss if RIM is appropriate for your own business needs, please contact us via email

A Comprehensive Global Solution

With many successful, large-scale Remote Infrastructure Management projects around we have a strong track record in delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions built on:

  • Robust, standardized toolsets and processes, that meet appropriate industry standards such as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) guidelines, to support highly scalable, industrialized delivery processes

  • Standard service offerings – with defined costs for transparent pricing – that you can select from our catalogue

  • A well-established infrastructure, including onshore and offshore support centre that are already successfully delivering large scale RIM projects across Europe

  • Shared service centre, in low-cost offshore locations, that deliver economies of scale, which will help you reduce operating costs 

A blended service delivery that can mix in-country presence with offshore support, to deliver the maximum benefit for you as you transform your IT infrastructure