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The management of desktops requires - centralized configuration, deployment, security, and support, allowing administrators to manage 1,000 desktops as easily as 10. Utilizing our solutions, organizations can increase the productivity of not only the administrator by automating desktop management tasks, but also the user, by providing a consistent, secure and functional working environment each and every time they logon

Desktop support is automating various computer-related support tasks in an organization. Troubleshooting, software installation, software patches, etc., can all be done via the network - reducing the turnaround time for IT support, simplifying and improving management of computers in the organization. Despite its name, desktop management includes overseeing laptops and other computing devices as well as desktop computers. In recent years, security-related tasks have become an increasingly large part of desktop management.

As an administrative resources have been devoted to security-related tasks

  • Patch management,
  • Fighting viruses and spyware,
  • Controlling greynet applications (programs installed without corporate approval, such as instant messaging, file sharing programs, and RSS readers).

Optimum Global Services offers - server solutions to both proactively and reactively manage servers. By providing administrators with the tools they need to meet compliance standards, maintain service levels and ensuring system security, our solutions increase an IT organization’s efficiency and effectiveness while decreasing the cost of server ownership.
We practice a pro-active approach to maintain the overall health of each PC and server in your company. Our support plans ensure that servers and PC’s are functioning properly, protected, and secure against technology threats and disasters.

Our certified engineers can also help maintain, manage, upgrade or migrate your critical business applications like Active Directory, Exchange Server, Share point Server, Small Business Server (SBS), DHCP and DNS, File Server, Anti-Virus Server, WSUS Server, Backup Execution and Management, Database Management, and Linux Server Management.

Your IT Infrastructure is critical for your business to function smoothly. It is extremely important for an enterprise to align IT Infrastructure with business goals of efficiency, productivity, and scalability. Sluggish, unplanned, unutilized, and out-of-date IT Infrastructure can result in losses, lost revenues, unhappy customers and low productivity for your entire organization.

Your enterprise needs a roadmap for the IT Infrastructure that is built around the industry best-practices. We  can help you opt for the right combination of platforms and applications and assist you in designing, building, and managing a robust IT Infrastructure. We can help you create a setup that is capable of handling change as your business continues to evolve, and scale up as your business grows.

we have extensive experience in planning and designing complex IT Infrastructure environments for all kinds of enterprises. We follow best practices as defined by the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the industry standard for IT management, which ensures that we help build a solid foundation for our customers.

Today’s competitive business scenario requires you to meet and exceed business service levels and maximize end user satisfaction, while reducing operating costs. This calls for initiatives such as infrastructure optimization, proactive problem management with minimum business disruptions, visibility into end user experience, reduced time to provision new infrastructure etc. IT organizations are also under increasing pressure from executive management to demonstrate and improve the business value of their existing IT investments.

Desktop Managed Services offer broad portfolio of services from Asset lifecycle management to ongoing desktop management, 24x7 help desk, problem and change management, proactive monitoring and maintenance, application packaging and distribution. The service delivery will be based upon unique SLA requirement of each organization.